Asteroid Panner started as a 10-day project for Dreamhack Austin Game Jam. It was selected as one of the winning projects and was proudly showcased at Dreamhack Austin in the summer of 2018. 

Today's release of v2.0 is the fully realized game:

  • three sectors to explore and conquer
  • AI ships to compete against in the third sector
  • some areas have random happenings instead of asteroids to mine
  • three boss levels
  • a "highly realistic" management portal at the end of the game
  • new music and sound effects!
  • new upgrades to your ship, including harvesters, missiles, and larger fuel tanks
  • improved graphics (i.e., even blockier than ever!)

I hope you enjoy it!


space-panner.zip Play in browser
Jun 08, 2018

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