Updated with three full worlds and a bonus highly realistic management portal (for those who earn such acclaim)!

There's a new gold rush in the solar system. And we're looking for a few suck . . . brave volunteers who want to get rich with little effort. 

Are you adventurous? Do you understand angular momentum? What about pushing buttons? Do you like money? How about upgrades? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you have what it takes to join Asteroid Panner Corporation as our newest apprentice asteroid drone operator.

Take control of a drone ship and mine asteroids looking for gold. Get paid, upgrade your drone, and search for even more gold. 

You'll need all your wits and sufficient fuel to play this action, physics-based space game. Includes two full sectors of action and excitement. Move up through the ranks from apprentice asteroid drone operator to full guildmember at Asteroid Panner Corporation. (Think of the glory and cash that an A.P.C. guildmember receives.)

And maybe, just maybe, if you're good enough, you too can join the ranks as an executive of A.P.C. (Don't get your hopes up, though. Those jobs mostly go to the daughters and sons of people more important than you.)

Written by the good folk at [yopeyopey.com](https://yopeyopey.com/) originally for #dreamhackaustinjam.

Release date May 12, 2018
AuthorDavid Figatner
Made withAudacity, PixiJS
TagsAsteroids, html5, mining, Physics, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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