Ah, the magic hat. Put it on a snowball and you have a snowperson. But it takes more than just a magical hat to make a real snowperson that can survive through spring.

In this side-scrolling runner game, you must make it through the wintry forest while finding ingredients to craft the magical items a real snowperson needs: carrot nose, coal eyes, buttons, and a scarf.

Work your way through the Village Square to search the surrounding areas for your items. Finish before spring and you win! Take too long and you lose :(

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AuthorDavid Figatner
TagsChristmas, frosty-the-snowman, Runner, snowman, snowperson, winter


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Great game! I love the concept and the way it's set up. However, is there a pause button or a hotkey for the potion thingy during levels so I can open it without crashing into things or missing stuff?

Also, I feel like the number of carryable objects at the start should be an even 3 instead of an awkward 2. That's all the feedback I have. Again, cool game! ^^


Thanks for the feedback! I decided to make inventory management a challenge while playing the level :) But I definitely understand that it may be annoying.

Yeah, looking back, 3 would have made more sense than 2. Thanks for playing!

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No problemo! Glad to be of assistance! ^^

Oh, one last thing: I ran into a bug where if you melt in spring, trying to start a new game will instantly fail you because it will still be "0 days until spring." And then next time you load up the game, trying to start a new game will always freeze the game. I can't play anymore :(

Edit: Only happens on Chromebook ^^;

Good game! I have some feedback: 

there are rolling snowballs in this game and they are impossible to see unless you spot their shadows, I recommend that you make black outlines around things that are important like the player or items that you can pick up and especially the rolling snowballs 

Thanks for the feedback! There is a color difference between the rolling snowballs and the ground, but I guess it's not sufficient. I'll tweak it. Thanks for playing!!!

great game!

Thanks! It was fun to make.

Really cool game! I loved the pixel art, and the music matched well with the gameplay, the only suggestion I would make is that it is hard to tell what is dangerous or not. I went above a root of a tree, and was just hoping that it wasn't dangerous.

Yeah, I was planning to have a more interactive tutorial where each object was called out in the tutorial, but I ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback and playing!!!